Windows 10 and activation, no need to go through the update!

By | May 9, 2017

Windows 10 comes a whole new activation system for eligible users to the free offer of an update from a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The process well presented as powerful is a problem especially if a so-called installation offers the OS is planned subsequently.

Windows 10 free, activation requires an installation by the update

Windows 10 and activation no need to go through the update

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It is not uncommon to read in our columns and on different Forums of the evidence relating a concern for Windows 10 activation after installing from the installation media even if activation has gone well with the update process.

Microsoft explained that to take advantage of its new OS, windows 10 product key 64 bit as a first step, get its activation by running the update through Windows Update and then only consider, for the more adventurous, a clean installation from an optical drive or a USB stick. Activation in these circumstances should not be a problem.

This is true in theory, windows 10 product key free but in practice many users have found a failure of the automatic activation process. This is all the more regrettable that Microsoft has stipulated that the reinstallation of Windows 10 isn’t a problem since eligibility is active throughout the life of the unit in question.

Windows 10 and activation, no need to go through the update

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Windows 10 directly activates with an old Windows product key.
The firm seems aware that his method is not perfect and is accompanied by worries. In the latest build of Windows 10, Windows 10 build 10565, windows 10 product key 2017, a change is made in order to make easier the process of activation.

Gabe Aul, the head of the program Windows Insider has announced that users of this build can activate it directly using their Windows 7 product key or 8.1. This suggests that it is more necessary to go through the update.

Users are invited to go to Settings > Update & security > Activation >Change Product Key in order to enter their key product Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

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