Sale Windows 10 Home Product Key And Windows 10 Security Settings Guide

By | December 23, 2017

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Windows 10 Product Key
Windows 10 Home Single Language

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Accessing security settings in Windows 10

The easiest way to reach security settings is to press the Windows key and then click or tap Settings. If you’ve been to this section before, you’ll return to where you left off. To get back to the home window, click the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner. Then click Update and Security.

Windows Update

This is the first subsection under Update and Security. Windows 10 checks for and installs updates automatically, giving you little control, which is unfortunate, because sometimes updates cause instability or even create security holes. The most you can do is manually uninstall an update and then use this tool from Microsoft to tell your computer to ignore that update going forward.
Windows 10 Home Product Key

Windows Defender

The second section in Update and Security (in the left-hand pane of the Settings window) manages Windows Defender, an integrated antimalware program designed and maintained by Microsoft. In the days of Windows 7, this was a standalone program known as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). MSE started off strong, but these days it doesn’t detect and block malware as reliably as apps like Kaspersky or Bitdefender do. You can buy licenses for those at Amazon for a fraction of the retail cost and run them alongside Windows Defender.


The Backup section controls Windows 10’s built-in data-backup tools. While it’s nice to have this kind of utility integrated, backups you create here are not password-protected by default, so you may be better off sticking to the backup software that comes with an external hard drive. Without passwords, your backups might be vulnerable to unauthorized access if your external drive is stolen or lost.
Windows 10 Home Product Key

Password-protecting backups

Like File History data backup, the file created by the system-image backup tool is not password protected by default. But if you have Windows 10 Professional, you can do this manually. Right-click a file, select Properties, click the Advanced button, and check the box next to “Encrypt contents to secure data.” To decrypt the file, you’ll enter your Windows password. In Windows 10 Home, the encryption option will be grayed out, and you’ll need a third-party tool like WinRAR or WinZip.


The Activation section is pretty small and doesn’t have stuff that’s directly related to security. But since we’re in the neighborhood, we might as well mention that people using the free upgrade to Windows 10 do not need to activate anything. In fact, once you’ve used the free upgrade on this device, you can do a clean install of Windows 10 using the ISO downloadable from Microsoft.

The For Developers section

For home users, this section allows you to manually install something that would usually only be obtainable from the Windows Store app, such as the Windows 10 version of Minecraft. However, sideloading disables a security check that verifies the installer’s authenticity. Since this method could be used to get malware onto your PC, we don’t recommend sideloading unless you’re prepared to handle the risks.

Managing Wi-Fi Sense

Windows 10 does some unusual things with Wi-Fi that you should familiarize yourself with. Go back to the home window of Settings, click Network & Internet, scroll the right-hand side of the window to the bottom, and click Manage Wi-Fi Settings.
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Letting other people access your Windows 10 device

Let’s say you want to let a friend or family member use your Windows 10 device, but you don’t want them to mess up your settings or personal files. You can create a guest account that gives them limited privileges. To do that, go to the home Settings window and click Accounts. In the left-hand pane, click “Family & other users.”
Windows 10 Home Product Key

Cortana and Microsoft’s cloud data

Cortana is Microsoft’s Siri-like helper that finds information for you based on voice and text input. It’s disabled by default, and security-focused users will probably want to leave it that way. Otherwise, it will collect a lot of usage information and store it in Microsoft’s cloud, where we don’t know how that information will be used. However, accessing Siri’s settings does give you a window into what else Microsoft knows about you, and it gives you an option to manage that info. So let’s walk through that.
Windows 10 Home Product Key
This version of Windows is designed to add functionality. It provides support for encryption, remote login, and virtual machine creation. Windows 10 Home is the perfect choice for any and all computing needs. Windows 10 Home can help you work and help you to play. Transfer your favorite XBOX game from the console to your computer. Your game friends and other contacts are also transferred between the platforms. This is great for both the intense gamer and the first-time user. Try Windows 10 Home now.

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