Buy Windows 8.1 Standard Key Online Change Windows Version Without Reinstalling

By | May 23, 2018

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Change Windows Versions Without a Reinstall

When I asked my current IT staff in the workplace to order a new computer for me and make sure it had Windows 8.1, I don’t think I had to specify the exact version of Windows 8.1 I wanted. However, it turns out that when I received the computer and tried to add it to the corporate network Active Directory domain, I could not do this.

There is simply no such option. At first, I couldn’t figure out why this happened, but I’m not used to using the low-end version of Windows. I just forgot that Windows 8.1 (not the professional version) did not choose to join the domain.

The problem is that when I discovered that what I got was not a professional version, I already installed Office and various other business applications, and I could not help thinking that I had to reinstall Windows just to reach the correct version level.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
So I searched and found a solution. Obviously, those who are accustomed to working with OEMs and other types of installation environments may already be familiar with this technology, but for other readers, I will now share with you.

During the installation of Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Standard Key (or earlier – Windows 8 or Windows 7), the entire DVD content is actually extracted and copied to the local C:\ drive, with only the relevant bits of your choice and some Windows versions used . The correct version (or SKU) of Windows depends on the product ID or key you entered at the beginning of the installation process.


To switch between Windows versions, you need to use the Windows Update Tool, which is installed on your computer. You also need the correct product key.

Note: Your computer will automatically restart once during this process. Close any programs and documents that you have open so that nothing is lost when you restart.

• To run it, enter Windows on the start page to upgrade at any time. When you see the results in the correct search results, click Enter or click Results.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• On the results page, click Use Newer Version of Windows for more features. You can also enter WindowsAnytimeUpgradeUI.exe in the run command.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes.
• In the “Add Features to Windows 8.1” window, I already have a product key (of course, suppose you have one; if not, buy one).
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• Enter your product key and wait for one second. If this is correct, you will see a message saying “Your key work. Continue when you are ready”. If it is not correct, you will see a message saying “This key does not work. Check it and try again, or try a different key.”
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• Accept the license terms and click Add Features. The progress bar should move for a while.
• The computer will restart automatically. Do not do anything because it will add related features and log in normally when finished. You will see adding functionality in the Windows 8.1 window, it should tell you everything is working. Click Close.
• Check the computer properties to see if there is a correct version. Windows 8.1 Standard Key
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
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