Buy Windows 7 Professional SP1 And Learn How to Reinstall Windows 7

By | March 12, 2018

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Windows 7 Professional SP1
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Windows 7 Professional SP1

How to reinstall Windows 7

If you think that your Windows 7 computer has stagnated due to continuous performance lag, it may be time to reinstall the operating system. From registry issues to malware, plus lots of unnecessary software, new operating system installations can eliminate some common problems and restore your rig to its former glory. If your computer comes with a recovery disk, it may offer several different reinstall options designed to get your machine up and running as if you just removed it from the chassis.

Here is our guide on how to reinstall Windows 7. Please feel free to review our guide on how to speed up Windows. In addition, if you encounter any problems when using Windows 7, we will explain how to solve common Windows 7 problems.

Have your Windows 7 CD/Serial key ready for your Windows 7 CD/Serial key

Once you have almost completed installing Windows 7, the operating system may ask you to enter the CD / Serial key. This allows Microsoft to check that you have a valid legal copy of Windows 7 and that you can receive Windows updates without any restrictions. Windows 7 Professional SP1  Avoid popping windows from Windows, requiring you to use a key to verify the installation is also a good reward. Make sure you have this on hand. If your computer’s recovery / Windows 7 disk feed or plastic cover, the key may be in this location.

Back up the data

Regardless of the type of Windows installation you choose, it is always a good idea to back up your data before beginning this process. If you like step-by-step instructions, check out our guide on how to back up your computer, or if you are looking for multiple quality options to make your backup copy, choose the best free backup software data. If there is a problem during the installation process, an extra copy of the security retention data is by no means a bad idea.

Set up your installation media

If you have a copy of a CD that was originally provided with your computer or other Windows copies on a CD, skip to the next page for installation types. If not, you need to first create a Windows 7 Reinstallation CD by loading the image onto a USB drive or burning it to a DVD, which we will outline below.

Get a copy of Windows

If you have not yet installed the Windows installation CD, you can download a copy of the new operating system from Digital River, a service that Microsoft uses to host copies of its operating system. Remember that you still need a valid match sequence number to activate each of the Windows 7 versions listed below.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate version of Windows 7, go to this Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool page and click the Download link below the Page Setup section. Then, install the tool and follow the on-screen instructions. When the tool is running, you need to select the Windows 7 ISO you downloaded and then tell the Windows 7 USB/DVD downloader if you want to burn the file to a USB flash drive or DVD.
Windows 7 Professional SP1

Choose an installation type

Make sure to insert a new Windows installation disc or USB drive into your PC and restart the system. When your computer starts, you are prompted to press any key to boot from disk or a flash drive. this way. Once you enter the Windows 7 installer, click Install. You will see one of two installation options: Upgrade and Custom (Advanced).
Windows 7 Professional SP1
If you select “Upgrade”, Windows should keep the files and programs intact while only replacing the main system files and changing some settings. Selecting an upgrade basically eliminates the need to reinstall all applications and recover data from backups, but it does not provide your PC with comprehensive spring cleaning. However, if you choose to customize, your files and programs will not be saved.
Windows 7 Professional SP1
Depending on your system configuration, there may be only one installation option to choose from, but if you are using Windows Vista or an earlier version of Windows, there may be a small partition labeled System Reserved. Select the drive/partition you want to use for the new operating system installation. Windows 7 Professional SP1 You should avoid reformatting or installing Windows on a System Reserved partition, although it may be too small to accommodate a complete OS installation, thereby minimizing the possibility of encountering any relevant complications.
Windows 7 Professional SP1
Continue clicking on the installer until the process begins. Copying Windows files and extended installation files may take a while, so please leave your computer at any time for about 15-20 minutes. During this process, your computer may restart at least once, but it should immediately restart to the installer and start from where it left off.
Windows 7 Professional SP1
Later, the Windows 7 installer will need more input. When prompted, answer Windows 7 questions to you, including time zone information and other preferences. Once Windows 7 is up and running, click Windows Update and make sure to run it again and again until your operating system is fully updated.

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