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By | September 28, 2016

Unlike Microsoft pre release operating system, Windows 10 significantly reduced the development stage. Since the beginning of October 1, 2014 beta, Windows 10 Technical Preview (experienced technical preview) and Insider Preview (beta preview version) two stages of development. In addition to the development of new features according to Microsoft’s official plan, the repairment and improvement of Microsoft also continue to participate in the beta members according to the problems reflected in this approach is the first time in the history of the Windows.

some part of the development of fast and slow updated version (fast version offers the latest features, slow version focuses on stability, similar to some domestic ROM manufacturers have developed “development” and “stable”).

Rather than a slow version of the updated version of the rapid push plan updates because no system image will not be released through the new installation of installation, only by setting the Windows update function development version update.

At the end of August 3, 2016, Microsoft officially pushed the Windows 10 desktop version of the latest stable version of the update for the RS1RTM version number is 10.0.14393.10, the latest version of the update preview branch RS1_RELEASE, version number is 10.0.14393.5.  latest version of the Windows 10 mobile version (ie, Mobile version) of the updated version of 10.0.14393.5


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